2020 Vote 32B: Trump, Lewis, Stauber, Koran, Neu

2020 Vote 32A: Trump, Lewis, Stauber, Koran, Johnson

Info on Minnesota Supreme Court Candidates

Incumbent Paul Thissen and Michelle L. MacDonald are running in a nonpartisan general election for the Minnesota Supreme Court on November 3, 2020.

Although the race is officially nonpartisan, Thissen is a member of the court’s liberal majority and has received support from liberal groups. He was appointed by former Gov. Mark Dayton (D) in 2018. Thissen also worked as a Democratic-Farmer-Labor member of the Minnesota House of Representatives from 2002-2018.

Before the 2020 election, MacDonald ran for the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2014, 2016, and 2018. The Minnesota Republican Party endorsed her 2014 campaign.

As of October 2020, five judges on the court were appointed by a Democratic governor and two judges were appointed by a Republican governor. If Thissen wins the election, the liberal bloc on the court will maintain its 5-2 majority. If MacDonald wins, the partisan split on the court will shift to a 4-3 liberal majority.

*This information is from ballotpedia.