Let’s talk about The MUD Initiative:
Message Unification and Delivery

Why do we all vote, get involved and work to get people elected? Simply, because we are concerned with issues and the creation of good law.

Sometimes, we get frustrated with our elected officials and when we are asked what we think about them, some activists will say, “We get these people elected and then they never do what they say. They always give in, no backbone”

One possible answer to solving this reoccurring complaint… enter MUD: Message Unification and Delivery.

A new initiative, under development, that’s coordinated by MNGOP, in close collaboration with House and Senate elected Republicans, may offer you the formal means to work on legislation all the way from “caucus idea to bill presentation”. Advisory Committees and Issue Study Task Forces impacting policy and in turn unifying our message.

And then MUD deals with the “Delivery” of that message. Even the right policy message needs to be heard to be effective. Ideas need to be communicated with the public to build support to pass into law. This new initiative provides the means for all activists to be a part of a massive, “huge” social media network to better explain our policy to the public… your neighbors and friends.

Just imagine the potential of a coordinated network with Republicans in over 4,100 MN precincts, involved from the comforts of their homes; sharing, liking and forwarding well-crafted, respectful, informational articles from our elected leaders, on what they are proposing and passing. Imagine that you are a part of helping to form public opinion providing support to elected Republicans.

Recently a Republican post with an initial 180 shares resulted in over 34,000 views. By coordinating our efforts we can compound those results. Consider if we have 1 person in each precinct sharing a post, that’s 4,100 people creating a possible 700,000 views. With an estimated 2017 MN population of 5.56 million people, if we just averaged 10 people per precinct joining this network, it may be possible to blanket the entire state with our Republican message as needed.

The goal of MUD, is to simply unify our party and ideas and continue to build good policy products and then create a customer service based sales message that can be delivered with quality, quantity, caring and understanding to everyone.

We hope the possibilities that MUD offers, will energize and intrigue you enough to learn more.