Chisago GOP Declaration of Candidacy State Delegate

  • The filing period closes February 21, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

    Part 1. Declaration of Candidacy for Congressional District & State Delegate/Alternate
  • By submitting the above data, I declare my candidacy for Delegate or Alternate to represent the Chisago County Republican Party at the Eighth Congressional District Conventions for the next year. I understand there may not be any nominations for Delegate or Alternate fromthe floor of the County Party Convention.

    District conventions: You pay for registration, travel, meals & hotel

  • Expectations of Congressional District and State Delegates and Alternates

    The Chisago County GOP is dependent on Delegates and Alternates working to elect Republicans. Delegates and Alternates should be involved locally, regionally and financially.
  • Delegates and Alternates must serve on one of the standing committees of the County Party (Constitution, ARTICLE 5, Section 9, A 1) or equivalent work . Committees are:
  • 2. Regional expectation: Delegates should attend conventions. Alternates should be prepared to attend District and State conventions. It is the Party’s goal to have 100% representation at all conventions.

    3. Financial expectation: Support the local Party by selling 2 Reagan Day Dinner tickets (you don't have to buy tickets).
  • You may be a candidate for Delegate or Alternate even if you do not sign to agree to Part 2. However, prior to the election at convention, the Applicant Filing Committee is charged by the Constitution to report to the convention the names of candidates who have and have not accepted in writing the duties and responsibilities of being a Delegate or Alternate.
  • (typing your name is an electronic signature)
  • Submit this completed form by February 21, 2019, 6:30 p.m.

    Filing earlier is better.

    Direct any questions to or leave a message at 651-287-3700 (we will return your call), or send a text to: 651-983-1949

    The Applicant Filing Committee will communicate with candidates to answer questions about the filing process and verify the status of the candidate regarding service criteria and expectations.