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Bob Barrett - Standing for School Funding Equity

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To the editor:

For the last two years, our voice has been heard at the Minnesota Legislature. Since Bob Barrett took a stand that our schools will no longer be neglected due to Minneapolis special interests, we have seen measurable improvements in both funding for our schools and policies that put the decision making back in the hands of parents, teachers and school districts.


Bob helped pass more productive K-12 spending that allowed six to eight jobs per district to be saved. He has been one of the most approachable and available legislators local school officials have seen in years. He always takes time to meet Chisago County parents and teachers when they call or go to the capitol. Bob cares about the kids, the families and the businesses that employ Chisago County’s hardworking people.

 Bob has said one of his highest priorities is to correct the unfair funding system that has continually benefited Minneapolis schools at the cost of Chisago County school kids simply because of where they live.

We need Bob Barrett in the Minnesota House. Vote for Bob Barrett Nov. 6. He truly is our hometown voice.


Elise Hiljus


At the risk of violating

At the risk of violating party rules, shouldn't  something be done about Senator Nienow?  However nice a man he is, he's utterly dead politically.  Surely there's someone with business and free-market acumen who can fill the seat.  Let's at least have the discussion.


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