In Chisago County we have 5 endorsed candidates:

Karin Housley: SD39

Bob Dettmer: HD39A

Mark Koran: SD32

Brian Johnson: HD32A

Bob Barrett: HD32B

The high cost of Laurie Warner, DFL candidate for HD32B

“It’s like having the fox watch the hen house.”

Opponent Todd Fedora said of Laurie Warner (DFL and formerly Laurie Johnson), who served on the Duluth city council (2004-2008) and now running for State Representative in 32B, that her work as an AFSCME employee “. . . poses a direct conflict of interest with serving on the City Council.” Fedora beat Johnson in a rematch in November 2007. Read here and here and here.

Warner was too liberal for Duluth. She is far too liberal for Chisago County.

“I am frightened. You should be, too,” said David Ross, President of Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce

As a Duluth council member in 2005, “Laurie Johnson [Warner] . . . advocated hiking the city’s portion of the local tax levy by 20%.” You read that right—a whopping 20%! Read more.


Don’t let Warner get at your wallets folks

“In June [2007], the city council rejected a resolution by First District Councilor Laurie Johnson [Warner] to increase water rates another 9 percent in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, and 5 percent in 2011.” That’s a 48.2% increase in 5 years! And that was on top of a 17% increase in 2006! Read more.


Presidential Preference Poll

Click here to for the Presidential preference ballot tally for caucuses in Chisago County


DFL Déjà vu and DFL Hypocrisy

This LTE was printed in the Forest Lake Times and it was submitted to the Chisago County Republican website. Editor.
Max Anderson failed to include Democrats in last week's rant (GOP Déjà vu).

Chisago can be proud!

Sure Obama has been re-elected.  It hurts.  I get it.  But, Chisago County did it's part.  Every Republican Endorse candidate (minus Bills, that is a whole different story) won in our great county.  That my friends is amazing.  We worked harder and had great candidates to work with.  Think about it.  Romney, Cravaack, Nienow, Barrett, Dettmer, Johnson and Housley all WINNERS.  So while you are bothered about the new politcal landscape in Minnesota.  As you see red when thinking about D.C.  Remember this, Chisago did it and it is up to us to help change the direction of Minnesota.  The time

So very impressed....yet so unimpressed.

Last night the "League of Woman Voters" hosted a candidate forum in North Branch.  Senate 32, House 32B, County Commissioner and School Board.  Here is how I sum up the evening.

1. First group, Commissioner Candidates, was a mix of candidates from 3 different districts.  Trulson vs. Walker.  Smisson vs. Robinson and George McMahon flying solo.  We can rule out McMahon from the beginning.  All though he comes across as a nice guy,  he did not add much to the content and was uncontested at the event. 


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